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About Us

Our Virtual Airline Info and History


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Our beginnings

Founded by Billy Homsy and Andrew Shaw, of Oxford, United Kingdom, we noticed the lack of virtual airlines wihtin Lebanon and thus moved to Lebanon to create LebAirVA, and after much success, we felt that we needed to expand and serve the large and succesful business travel needs of The Middle East- so, this is how BeirutXpress was created.

Future Plans

We are always thinking up ways on how to imprive our airline, and have lots in store!
At the moment, we are opening a hub in NewYork for Domestic Services within the States.
We are also concentrating our Far Eastern passengers, who, at the moment, are having to wait at Dubai Intl. for a connecting flight to Beirut.
We are thus looking at new aircraft so that we may be able to offer a direct service.
On the domestic front, we are offering twice as many flights from our Beirut hub to Tripoli (North Leb) and a new service from Zahle to Damascus and/or Aleppo.

Flights to Palestine..

Coming soon! We will soon have an online forum and chat room for our pilots.
In other news, we have joined the virtual bank, through our membership to the Virtual Stock Exchange. We are also fully insured with Virtual Insurances too.
Pilots will soon be able to receive virtual wages and passengers will also be able to purchase virtual tickets with virtual money.

Our Location

The direction for Beirut International Airport, Lebanon
(NOT our company location)