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Fleet Modernisation

Notes on the Fleet modernisation


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Fleet modernisation:
Beirut Xpress, along with the merger of European Airlines VA, will be reuducing and modernising its' entire fleet, details are below:
LBVA Boeing 747-200b - replaced by A340-300 by July 2002
LBVA Boeing 707-320  -  replaced by Boeing 737-400
LBVA Airbus A310-222- replaced  by Airbus A300-600R
EURVA Boeing 747-258- replaced by B777-300
EURVA Boeing 757-200- replaced by B737-900
EURVA Boeing 767-300- replaced by A300-600R
EURVA Vickers Viscount- replaced by Shorts SD360
Along with these changes, we will be introducing the following aircraft;
Boeing 747-400 (by July 2002)
Boeing 747-400 combi (by August 2002)
Boeing 757-300 (by July 2002)
Currently, we can only email aircraft to you, due to the sheer size of the fleet, it is not possible to keep them all on the website.
Updated April 2002

Note: The last Boeing 707 cargo aircraft has been removed from the fleet.
We are looking for a suitable replacement.

Updated April 2002