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BeirutXpress News

New flights to Auckland, New Zealand

BeirutXpress/ European Airlines have begun daily scheduled flights to New Zealand's second destination of Auckland.
Below is the schedule of our flights to Auckland.
Flgt No.   Dep       Arr         Stops        A/C      Classes                     
LI291        06:00    19:00      Bangkok    343      1st/bus/ec        
LI662        02:00    14:00      Singapore  742      Cargo Op                         
This will be added to the schedule once we have completed the Summer 2002 timetable update. Pilots , could you please refer to the Summer 2000 timetable in your pilot packs
for current operations.


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Suspension of Flights: Israeli forces and military operations have made it unsafe for any airline to fly into Jeruselam, let alone a Lebanese Airline.
We send our condolensces out to the hundereds of murdered Palestinians' families.